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Why we are different

Why we are different at Leahy O’Riordan

Why we are different
  1. More than 20 years advising clients and, more importantly, running our own business distinguishes us from those advisors who “talk the talk”.
  2. We understand that there is more to annual accounts than figures. It is all about identifying your key figures.
  3. We know that small businesses of 1 – 2 people behave completely differently to larger businesses of 20+ people.
  4. We know that your peace of mind can only be secured by us meeting every deadline each year for the Revenue and other regulators.
  5. We have a unique employment package – see “what staff should know”.
  6. We know that value for money is your measure of our service. We structure our fees so that this is immediately obvious.
  7. It is our responsibility that client relationships are quickly established and maintained. We work hard to do this from the very start – see “what clients should know”.
  8. We know that unless we engage quality staff who understand the critical importance of quality service, we will not continue to prosper as a firm.
  9. We know that our reputation is determined only by your experience of our service. Our reputation is our most important asset and we work very hard to protect it.
  10. We believe that we must improve every year to ensure that the higher standards are identified and reached in our every day work.

Eamonn Leahy
1st March 2014