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Why accountants pass us insolvency work


Why accountants pass us insolvency work
  • Experience

    We have more than 30 years’ experience and 500 appointments completed. This matters. It means that when I meet the directors of a company thinking about liquidation, I can identify the important issues sooner. My proposed treatment will be known to you and your client before my nomination.

  • Access

    Unlike larger firms, you will be dealing directly with me before and after any appointment and not with some delegated staff member.

  • Relationship

    As a general practitioner I understand the subtlety of the relationship that exists between you and your client. My work is carried out in a manner that is sensitive to that reality.

  • Publicity

    We do not seek out press coverage for our work before or after appointment.

  • Team

    Because we have conducted so many cases our team within the firm and among the professionals we use are very experienced. This means that you benefit not only from my own expertise but also theirs.

  • Clarity

    I conduct my work in a transparent way so that you and your client will know the principles that I work under from the start.

  • Fees

    If required a fixed fee arrangement can be discussed and if appropriate agreed in advance.