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Communication has been the cornerstone of Leahy O’Riordan’s development over the years.

We believe in developing close relationships with our clients. This is achieved through an on-going dialogue. As a result, clients welcome our advice and assistance not just on accounting matters but also on other aspects of their business.

Our service is based on understanding each client’s particular objectives and their business so that we can provide effective and timely solutions to their problems.

When dealing with clients, we listen to the client about the issue to hand. We know the client knows their business best and will detail the problem. We take notes, ask questions and confirm at the end of the exchange that the matter is clearly understood in all its facets. Based on this exchange, we give advice (not instructions). We set out the options and consequences. While we appreciate that this advice is not always welcomed, we understand that clients take a mature and serious view. They understand that we are acting in their best interest.

Following this, we seek out and agree the instructions before detailing the terms in a letter of mutual responsibility. Finally, we carry out the work we are instructed to do. Acting in a professional capacity for a client is a serious business. We believe this can only be attended to correctly when the steps, as set out above, are followed.

It is only by adopting this approach that we have secured and maintained clients over our 25+ years in business.