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Linham Construction

My company Linham Construction Ltd. has been a client of Leahy & Co. for approximately 22 years, during which time the firm has supplied a number of services which include:

Audited Accounts
PAYE Services
Personal Tax returns
Mortgage advice
Insurance Advice
Pensions and Investments

all to the highest quality of service and efficiency within a friendly and courteous environment. I cannot recollect any occasion where I had difficulty or was faced with a problem that Leahy & Co. could not assist me with.

However, this is not the main reason I have stayed loyal to Leahy & Co. When, in the past, I have had to enter the ‘Boxing Ring’ with the tax man or the VAT man , the Union man, Bank Managers or whoever I may be faced with, I knew I had top people in my corner – who were there to give me the correct advice and support, way above the capacity of my small company to do battle with such difficult opposition. The confidence it gives me to know all will be well allows me to get on with my own business and to know I am in safe hands.

Managing Director
Linham Construction

Linham Construction