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Go2web Limited

Leahy & Co. has been providing accounting and financial advisory services to Go2web Ltd. since 2008.

In our experience, many accountants involved in audit work produce annual accounts, present the P&L and balance sheet, and move on to the next client. They are not really concerned about getting “under the skin” of the numbers and providing meaningful financial advice.

Leahy & Co. is different. They see it as an important part of their task to understand the fundamentals underlying the books of account, i.e. the health of the sales order book, the challenges facing the collection of the outstanding debtors, the opportunities to reduce costs whilst maintaining vital services to the particular business clients.

Go2web switched to Leahy & Co. because its previous accountant was falling down in these key areas. Our needs today are not just to get an accurate picture of last year’s activity but sensible, practical advice on how to continue in business and prepare for the future. In this, Leahy & Co. has not let us down.

I am happy to recommend Leahy & Co. to any SME wanting to engage an accountant who really cares about the survival and future prosperity of its clients.

Ian Jackson

Go2web Limited